Touchstone Theater

Artefact transformed this abandoned South Bethlehem firehouse into a lively community theater.

This abandoned historic firehouse in South Bethlehem was resurrected as a 72-seat community theater. The low budget renovation could not restore the original elegance of the 1876 building, but it creatively adapted the firehouse into a theater with the removal of a section of the first floor level and the construction of a double height dramatic space for performances. A rehearsal space stacks above the theater space and a two story lobby connects the two floor levels.

Some years after the renovation of the firehouse, Touchstone acquired the adjacent house and renovated it, creating an integrated facility that includes the theater, new wing space, a two story lobby, two rehearsal spaces, a suite of offices, café, workshop, and storage. The conjoining of the buildings created many structural and organizational challenges, but the result was a welcoming, historically sensitive, logically organized home for Touchstone.

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