Featured single-family residential projects

Stone House Addition

This Saucon Valley stone home dates from the early to mid 19th century. Artefact was retained to design renovations and an addition to the home in two separate phases. The first phase included a small rear addition, the renovation of the kitchen and the conversion of several rooms into a master bedroom suite.  The second phase addition included a wood and glass conservatory- connector and a stone wing that houses a library, office and guest suite. The stone work was meticulously matched to the existing home.

Bucks County Outbuildings

A series of ad hoc, attached outbuildings located on the property of a renovated Bucks County farmhouse were reconstructed to create more substantial and useful buildings. The uses of the new buildings are residential and agricultural, providing space for guests, entertaining, and implement storage. The buildings were constructed with timber framed structural components and structural insulated panels to create a highly insulated, energy efficient building with expressed structural system. The cupola in the main space provides passive cooling during the warm weather and brings daylight into the center of the large room.